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Make your results instantly available after the event on our free of charge results platform. Our mobile friendly platform is fully customizable to your own look and feel. The free MultiSport EventResults has detailed insights per sport.

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Find all of your running, cycling, triathlon and speed skating results on MYLAPS Sporthive.
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The results-page of your event is the best visited page of your event, because let’s face it, the results of the race, that’s what it’s all about! With MYLAPS EventResults you get a custom branded results page with a clear overview of all results, good search functionality and display room for your sponsors.

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What you get

Your event participants expect to get their results immediatly after they are finished, with the MYLAPS EventResults platform you can provide for this need. This is what our platform has to offer:

 Custom branding to your own look and feel

Customize your EventResults platform with your own branding, look & feel and sponsors.

 Own personal results page for all participants

Every participant gets their personal resultspage with split- and finishtimes.

Integrate PhotoVideo Lite photo’s to results page

Give your participants the ultimate event experience with PhotoVideo Lite. After the race the professional pictures will be added to the results pages of your participants.

Mobile friendly platform

Most participants will check their result on their phone right after the race, so the EventResults platform is completely adjusted to mobile.

 Quick and easy Search

Via the search bar your visitors can look up results by typing in any participant name. All relevant information will come up via the search option.

Shareable E-Finisher certificate

Every participants can check and share their personal E-Finisher certificate with their finish time.

 Easy Facebook share for maximum exposure

Let your participants share their achievement with their followers for maximum exposure.

✔ Extensive Google Analytics insights

To get insight in the reach of your EventResults platform we provide you with extensive Google Analytics insights after the event.

All EventResults services are free of charge!

We offer this service for free with our other services.

”Fantastic job you did at AJ Bell London Triathlon. Loved the way you presented the results and live tracking was fantastic! Thanks again. Made it a great experience, not only for athletes but for those at home watching us. Well done!”


– Russel, London Triathlon Competitor

MultiSports Results

Enhance the experience for your athletes with detailed insights on their performance at your event. Provide overall position and times per leg, category results, position and speed graphs, E-Finisher certificate, PhotoVideo Lite integration and the option to share results via social media with a single click.

Times and position

Detailed performance insights per leg and compare yourself with the competition and easy Facebook share to immediately share your experience with family and friends. Optionally event photos and videos can be added to the results page.

Performance graphs

Detailed graphical position insights per leg, also for the transition areas, and detailed speed graphs where the athletes can compare their performance with the field average.

Finish overview

With a graphical overview the athletes can see the exact finish order and make a detailed comparison with athletes finishing at the same time.

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