X2 Server Firmware 4.7

We are pleased to inform you that a new firmware, version 4.7, has been released for the X2 Server. This critical update includes important improvements and fixes that need to be installed. We strongly encourage installing this latest firmware update, version 4.7, on your X2 Server as soon as possible. Without this update, your X2 Server could stop functioning properly, and may hinder you in timing races. 

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What’s new in version 4.7?


  • Support for new X2 Pro Server hardware platform


  • Several links on the server website have been updated
  • Timezone information has been updated to 2030/12/31


  • Certificate expiration date (potential communication problems on older machines)


No firmware version rollback

Depending on the age (over 10 years) of your machine, a roll back from X2 Server Firmware 4.7 to Firmware version 4.6 may not be possible.


How do I update my Firmware?

Click the ‘Update Firmware’ link below to update to the latest X2 Server Firmware version 4.7.

Steps on how to upgrade your Club Server?

  • Start X2 Utility
  • An overview of your X2 Server(s) will appear
  • Select the X2 Server you want to upgrade
  • Connect to the X2 Server as administrator
  • A notification bar will prompt you to update the firmware
  • Follow the instructions

Steps on how to upgrade your Pro Server?

  • Start the X2 Manager
  • Login to the server you want to upgrade
  • Select ‘X2 Pro Server’ from the ribbon, and under ‘Data’ click on ‘Backups’ to create a backup
    • The more data stored on the server, the longer new backups will take – when storage is completely full, backups cannot be made at all. Regularly moving completed backups from the X2 Server to other devices leaves maximum space for quick, reliable new backups.
  • Then under ‘Data’ select ‘Firmware’ and click on ‘Check for firmware update’
  • Follow the instructions


When do I update my Firmware?

Please follow the recommended steps below when updating to the latest X2 Server Firmware version 4.7.

    • Do not update right before a race.
    • Update during the week, during office hours. That way, if any issues arise, you can easily get in touch with our support team.

Update Firmware


Firmware Update
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