End of life products

This page presents an overview of MYLAPS products that are no longer being sold and might not be supported. Click on the product link -when available- for more information.

  • End of Sales: Products are no longer available for sales
  • End of Support: Products do not receive maintenance updates and product is no longer managed by the support channels
  • End of Service: Products cannot be repaired
ProductEnd of SalesEnd of supportEnd of service
2K finishline camera
AMB 130 Rental Kart
ChampionChip DigiBox 1
ChampionChip DigiBox 231/12/202531/12/2025
ChampionChip DigiCase
ChampionChip Ear 1
ChampionChip Ear 2 31/12/202531/12/2025
ChampionChip low density mat
ChampionChip mat version 1
ChampionChip mini reader
ChampionChip new light weight mat
ChampionChip TimePoint
ChampionChip Timing Kit
Data Collector Software
Live Timing Wifi App
Orbits 1 Software
Orbits 2 Software
Orbits 3 Software
Orbits 4 Software
ProChip Portable Decoder09-202409-2024
RC 2 Decoders
RC 2 Transponders
RC 4 Decoder Firmware 4.4 and lower
RC4 Pro iOS app
Rentix Software
RS485 for ChampionChip
Sparc 1 Software
Sparc 2 Software
TnetX Host
TnetX onboard display (1G + 2G)
TranX 2 Charger cases
TranX 2 Decoder
TranX 2 Transponder accessories
TranX 2 Transponders
TranX 3 Charger Case
TranX 3 Decoder
TranX 3 Decoder US MX Market
TranX 3 Personal Transponder
Warranty with subscriptionWarranty with subscription
TranX Driver ID
TranX Looptrigger
X2 Charger Case
X2 Direct Power TransponderWarranty with subscriptionWarranty with subscription
X2 RaceLink Fin
X2 Rechargeable TransponderWarranty with subscriptionWarranty with subscription


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