Cycling in all of its different forms is among the world’s most popular sports, and it is not hard to understand why. Battling the elements on a bike, sometimes at great heights and often at great speeds, is a great way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Many events are being organized for cyclists of all levels: from small club events to professional cycling tours and huge amateur versions of those professional races. For every condition we have a timing system that fits your needs, be it road cycling, track cycling, mountainbiking, BMX, cyclo-cross, cyclos.

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Timing solutions

Timekeeping at cycling events is a huge challenge. Events can take place at rough terrains and sometimes under demanding weather conditions.

Recreational cycling can sometimes be visited by thousands of cyclists who are up for a challenge and a fun day. Whereas professional cyclists reach high speeds while having to be measured at an accuracy of 0.003 seconds, riding around in groups of sometimes 180 cyclists: events simply need a system on which they can rely.

BibTag or ProChip

If you are timing a cycling event it is depending on the type of event what timing system setup would be best for you: a BibTag or a ProChip system setup.

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BibTag for mass events

The BibTag is well-suited for (recreational) mass cycling events. It is built to handle a large number of cyclists as the timing tags, which can be mounted onto the bike’s handlebar plates, can simply be distributed and are disposable. The system works under the most demanding conditions, it is weatherproof and can easily be used at rugged terrains.

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ProChip for high speed races

The ProChip system is highly accurate, the times are measured up to 1/1000th of a second – it easily points out the winner in even the closest of finishes. Moreover, it can handle speeds of up to 75 km/h (±46 mph) – invaluable at (professional) cycling races. It's also very suitable for fixed solutions like a cycling track or BMX venue.

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Create the ultimate event experience

You want to give your cycling event or venue the best possible experience. With these apps and services you have the tools to give that bit extra that will lift the sport experience to the next level.

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Every event organization and timer strives to offer an unique experience to their participants, followers and sponsors. With LiveTracking, nicely displayed results, selfies and LivePhotos you bring your event experience to the next level.


Offer your participants a smooth registration. MYLAPS works together with registration experts that offer the best-in-class registration platform. The registration platform comes with an easy to use content management system (CMS). Setup your registration page in a few simple steps.


MYLAPS Sporthive is the practice and event results platform for running, cycling, triathlon, skating, mud and fun runs and all other forms of active sports. Results from ProChip-timed events as well as other events, will be uploaded to MYLAPS Sporthive.


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It doesn’t matter if it’s a pro-cyling race you are timing or a mass event, if it’s track cycling or BMX, you always want the best equipment. We provide you with the best systems out there. Consult us about what solution suits your situation best and check the customer stories or the system specifics.

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