++ Ice Skating & Snow Sports (old)

++ Ice Skating & Snow Sports (old)

When dealing with winter sports, facing the elements makes timekeeping even harder than usual. As always, timing just needs to work to make a success out of any event, so durable and lasting equipment is needed. Preferably easy to set up, use and monitor, from an organization’s perspective as well as through the eyes of the athletes. Everything needs to run smooth. The ProChip system is ideal in these situations. It is accurate and highly reliable under demanding conditions: it easily deals with snow and ice. Moreover, the antenna that is required to pick up the signals from the athletes can easily be embedded in snowy or even icy surfaces.

For long distance sports, such as biathlon and cross country skiing, intermediate points are a valuable addition. When combined with the SocialShares application, followers at home or at the track can see exactly where the athletes are. Also, the set-up can be used to provide media with information on the current standings and whereabouts of the participants.

Ice Skating

Skating – on land or on ice – is a very spectacular and fast type of sports. It takes a lot of training to become good at it, what makes skaters demanding clients. They want to know exactly what, when, where and how they performed – right after crossing the finish line. Combined with the serious speeds professional skaters can reach (of up to 60 km/h!), timekeeping at skating competitions is tough. The ProChip system easily deals with these speeds and has the benefit of using a thin cable for an antenna. The cable can be embedded in the ice at ice skating competitions, or in the asphalt when using it for road skating events.


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