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Speed Skating & Snow Sports

When dealing with winter sports, facing the elements makes timekeeping even harder than usual. As always, timing just needs to work to make a success out of any event, so durable and lasting equipment is needed. Preferably easy to set up, use and monitor, from an organization’s perspective as well as through the eyes of the athletes. Everything needs to run smooth.

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Timing solutions

The extreme conditions during winter sports events add an extra element to timekeeping and demands a lot from both the timer and the equipment. The ProChip system is ideal in these situations. It is accurate and highly reliable under demanding conditions: it easily deals with snow and ice. Moreover, the antenna that is required to pick up the signals from the athletes can easily be embedded in snowy or even icy surfaces. For long distance sports, such as biathlon and cross country skiing, intermediate points are a valuable addition.

ProChip system

The ProChip system is both suited for outdoor events, where you need to have flexible decoders, as well as ranks or tracks where a fixed decoder would be most suitable. You can have athletes buy their own personal ProChip FLEX or rent out your ProChip Timer during the event.

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Personal ProChip FLEX

All athletes have a ProChip FLEX attached to their ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track.

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ProChip Timer

ProChip Timer is a timing solution for timers that have to manage a large number of chips at once. The bulk-activation functionality of the ProChip in combination with the ProChip Communicator makes the process of checking and activating ProChips smooth and effortless.

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Utimate Sports Experience

You want to give the athlethes and participants of your event or venue the best possible experience. With these apps and services you have the tools to give that bit extra that will lift the event experience to the next level.

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MYLAPS Sporthive is the practice and event results platform for running, cycling, triathlon, skating, mud and fun runs and all other forms of active sports. Results from ProChip-timed events as well as other events, will be uploaded to MYLAPS Sporthive.



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