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Circuit Racing

Timekeeping at circuit races is a tough challenge. Racers are demanding and results must be undisputed. MYLAPS offers the most reliable and accurate timing system: the X2 System.

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Timing Setup

 The X2 system offers many features to car racers. For instance, they can check, analyze and share their performance data on their personal account online. For timekeepers and tracks, results are easily created and published online. An automated timing system also adds to the safety at the track.

The TR2 Transponders is the newest and most innovated transponder for motorsports. Reliable hardware, easy subscription management via Bluetooth and the Speedhive App and flexible subscription options to fit your needs.

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X2 Transponders go with the X2 System. The X2 Transponder comes in the X2 Racer Pack, including everything racers need to get started.

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The decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data to the server.

All X2 components are connected to the X2 server. This center piece is the connection to the X2 Cloud and controls the entire system. The X2 Utility can be used to control the X2 server. The server has a built-in practice mode that allows automatic uploads of practice results to mylaps.com.

Orbits 5 is exclusively developed for X2 and optimized for timekeeping at all levels, from basic to semi-professional timekeeping.

Optimize your race experience with real-time results! Get the most out of your race event by broadcasting live race results to your fans and followers. With the new Speedhive Live Timing Web you’re fully equipped for your upcoming races.

Detection loops are embedded in the track’s surface at the start and finish line and at intermediate timing points along the track. A detection loop works as the system’s antenna. It picks up signals from the transponders and passes them through to the decoder.

The BaseLink sends out radio frequency signals, which are picked up by the X2 RaceLink antennas mounted on each vehicle. The BaseLink is installed at the start/finish line, on a position with a maximum line of sight, for instance on top of a finish arch. This will ensure an optimized wireless connection with the RaceLink installed on the vehicles. The BaseLink connects to the LoopBox, which also powers the BaseLink. The Ethernet port connection to the LoopBox ensures a high-quality signal.

Multi BaseLink setups

With a Multi BaseLink setup, you can cover the complete track, no matter what size, height difference, and terrain. Several X2 BaseLinks can be linked together and controlled by race control. Depending on the layout, environment, and location the number of X2 BaseLinks required may vary.

Full GPS tracking coverage
Live results updates at the complete track

X2 Multi BaseLink and SDK 4.0

With the new X2 Server Firmware 4.0 and SDK 4.0 it is  also possible to create a GPS tracking feed in your own, custom-built software.

Via the X2 RaceLink add-on, racers will be able to receive 2-way communication into their vehicles. RaceLink works with MYLAPS X2 Direct Power Transponders. Live race data will be displayed on an onboard display. X2 Link offers additional features and is not required to do timekeeping only. However, we do encourage tracks and series to offer X2 Link as it adds to the racing experience of racers.

  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Flexible component

X2 System

X2 Timing & Data System 5

The most accurate & reliable system

The X2 Timing & Data System and X2 Link provides new features to everyone who’s involved in racing. Race tracks, timekeepers and federations get a more stable system with detailed track information and racers get to access live race data, which can be published to racer’s own on-board displays.

 Automatic upload to MYLAPS.com

Supports multi-loop setups

One system for all sports

2-way communication

Track analysis & remote control

Live timing

Develop custom apps

Remote support

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