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Here is everything you need for your event:

Timing system

We recommend the BibTag Timing System, our passive timing solution.

BibTag Smart Decoder

The BibTag Smart Decoder receives the tag signals and decodes these into the athletes IDs and their measured times. Portable decoders have an integrated battery and can measure up to 50 BibTag passings per second. The system is especially designed for mass events and can handle a high density of athletes.

BibTag Mat

Detection mats are placed at the start, finish and intermediate timing locations. The mats serve as the system’s antennas and detect the signals sent out by the BibTags. We offer modular mats that allow you to create timing locations between 1 and 16 meters wide.


The tag is attached to the back of the bikeplate. When the tag passes the mat or antenna, a passing is detected.

Bib with ThinTag

The MYLAPS ThinTag is a reliable UHF timing solution that reduces handling and shipping cost because of a very thin (2mm) design.


The timing software receives all passings from the decoder during the race to create split times and results.

Timing & Scoring

The Timing & Scoring software is our easy to use timing software that allows professional timers as well as weekend warriors to set-up and time a race and to create and publish reliable results in just a few clicks.

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Are you looking for a timer? Check our partner network for a timer in your area.


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