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Timing system

We recommend the ProChip Timing System, our active timing solution.

X2 ProChip decoder

The X2 ProChip Decoder is a small, lightweight and affordable timing device to be installed in the timing booth on the track. The decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops and sends this data to the server.

ProChip Loop

Detection loops are installed in the track at the start and finish line and intermediate time points. The loops work as the system´s antennas and pick up the ProChips signals.


An active chips sends out a signal to the loop to register the time.

ProChip Timer

ProChip Timer is a timing solution for timers that have to manage a large number of chips at once. The ProChip is attached to the ankle of the athlete or the frontfork of the bike.

ProChip FLEX

The ProChip FLEX is a subscription based highly reliable and accurate transponder suitable for all active sports. Attached to the competitior's ankle or bike frame, the ProChip transmits a unique signal to the detection loop in order to identify the athlete and record the exact passing time at an accuracy of 0.003 sec..

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