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Hong Kong Marathon: Behind the scenes

On February 17th 2019 one of the largest marathons in the world took place. With over 74,000 participants the city of Hong Kong was turned into a running venue for a day. And what a day it was, with 2 course records, an EventApp to follow all athletes in real time and MYLAPS EasyMats for a super-fast timeline setup.

BibTag System 3
Some facts:


✔ 74,000 participants
✔ Timed by Champion Chip Limited with the MYLAPS BibTag System
✔ 2 track records were broken
✔ 27,370 EventApp downloads
✔ Average app session duration: 8:04 min

EasyMat used for fast timeline setup

The Hong Kong Marathon is the first large scale marathon that used the EasyMat to time one of the split points. The recently launched EasyMat ensures setup of your timeline within 1 minute. The cabling is integrated in the mat itself, so there’s hardly any manual handling.

“The setup of the splitpoint went really smooth with the EasyMat. The mat is very light and you don’t need to connect the wires one by one, just roll it out and that’s it. Very nice!”

– Timer Champion Chip Limited

Behind the scenes at Hong Kong Marathon 3

EventApp with LiveTracking and Selfies

Behind the scenes at Hong Kong Marathon 5

Follow friends with LiveTracking

The Hong Kong Marathon had the LiveTracking feature enabled in their Eventapp. This feature allows friends and family to track real-time activities and progress of their favorite athletes during the race. This increases the engagement and social reach of your event.

Behind the scenes at Hong Kong Marathon 4

Share your finish selfie

Finishers of the Hong Kong marathon could also take a finish selfie after the race to share with their followers. This feature increases the sponsor value of the event, because your event sponser can be added to the layer for additional brand exposure on social media after the event.

The Hong Kong Marathon was timed with the MYLAPS BibTag system.

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