Interviewing Sports Management Associates Inc.’s Jon Krupa

Jon Krupa from Sport Management Associates Inc. (official Boston Marathon timekeepers) recently decided to switch solely to MYLAPS equipment. He explains why.

Confident you’re on the right track

“The decision to provide MYLAPS timing services exclusively is based on several factors. The first is detection rates. In 2012 at the Wisconsin adidas Invitational, the system we used at the time only achieved a 94.30% detection rate (47 missed runners) at the finish line. In contrast, at the 2013 Wisconsin adidas Invitational with the MYLAPS BibTag system the detection rate was 100% at the finish line. In fact, the detection rate was 100% over the entire course with MYLAPS BibTag, including 2 splits for the women and 3 splits for the men. The low number of post-race emails I received with MYLAPS BibTag is just another indicator of the superior performance of BibTag.


Build quality

“Secondly, the MYLAPS BibTag is a better engineered product. The internal components are seamlessly integrated. The internal GPS time synchronization works and there’s no need to have an external time synchronization device as you do with competing systems. The built-in GSM modem automatically connects to the MYLAPS servers, without having to follow a complicated multi-step process. Last but not least, the network settings are easily user customizable and very flexible.”

Top notch software

“Thirdly, the MYLAPS Toolkit software is one of the best engineered software applications I’ve seen. As a former professional software engineer that’s a pretty bold statement. Toolkit is very user friendly and intuitive – something vitally important when teaching new timers. The features Toolkit provides allow for easy management and analysis of data, easy connection to devices, easy configuration of devices and most importantly the ability to see at a glance the state of all devices at an event – all within a single application window. Toolkit blows the competition out of the water. There is no comparison.”

Having peace of mind is invaluable

“Finally, is total cost of ownership. Looking at equipment maintenance costs over a two year period, maintenance costs were over 8 times higher with other systems we previously used, compared to MYLAPS during the same period. Not only do the high repair costs affect the bottom line, but the significantly lower maintenance costs of MYLAPS equipment is a good indication of the reliability and durability of MYLAPS technology. I am confident when I show up to a race the MYLAPS equipment is going to work. It’s difficult to place a dollar value on piece of mind when there’s no opportunity for a do-over.”

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Jon Krupa is president of Sports Management Associates Inc., one of the premier event timers in the business. Sports Management Associates Inc. delivers timing and services to many US based events, including the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k. Moreover, they are the lead timer for the Boston Marathon with a great crew of other timing companies supporting them.



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