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Optimize your race experience with real-time results! Get the most out of your race event by broadcasting live race results to your fans and followers. With the new Speedhive Live Timing Web you're fully equipped for your upcoming races.

Are you a racer or race fan and are you looking for Live Timing of a race event?
Please use our MYLAPS Speedhive App!

Are you an event organizer, track owner or timer and do you want to broadcast live race results to your followers?
Speedhive Live Timing offers you real-time results in our Speedhive App and on a mobile friendly website.


Start today!

Live Timing in Speedhive App

Live Timing requires zero configuration, just a few mouse clicks in Orbits and you are good to go!

  • Free service for timers using Orbits 4 & Orbits 5. Check our Quick Start Guide for enabling Live Timing!
  • Live leaderboards, lap times and personal results
  • Progress bars to indicate racers positions
  • Flag information

Upgrade to Speedhive Live Timing Web

Optimize your event experience by broadcasting live race results on a dedicated website!

  • Integrates simply with Orbits 4 SP6 and Orbits 5.2 HF1 and higher
  • Contains all vital race data like leaderboards, lap numbers, (best) lap times, sector times, announcements, progress bars and more
  • Refreshes automatically
  • Has a full screen mode to display it on TVs/scoreboards
  • Has a custom URL that can be shared with your followers

All features & pricing of Speedhive Live Timing Web are displayed in table below:

Besides, users can view these results for free in the MYLAPS Speedhive App.

New in Speedhive Live Timing Web: Map Tracking & Live Video

Do you have a camera installed with a YouTube stream? Then it’s a piece of cake to integrate your live video on your screens, combined with the live leaderboard. Additionally, Live Text Commentary offers more information without doing anything as it is automatically generated by position changes in the leaderboard.

Map tracking offers a visualization of the racers on a track map and is a big step forward when it comes to the live experience for fans and spectators. Speedhive Live Timing Web offers the best live experience for spectators and fans in one place!

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