ProChip Detection Loop

Detection loops work as the system´s antennas. They pick up the ProChips signals and pass the data to the decoder. They can be embedded in pretty much all types of surface.

The ProChip Detection Loop

MYLAPS-ProChip-Detection-Loop-featuredEvery detection loop is installed in the track at the start and finish line and intermediate time points. The loops work as the system´s antennas and pick up the ProChips signals. The detection loop is a vital part of every ProChip System.

Detection loops can be installed in basically every type of surface.

  • Asphalt or concrete (not permanent): use industrial quality adhesive tape to affix the loop to the course. Make sure you use high-quality tape to secure the tape to the road.
  • Ice: Cut slots of approximately 2 cm (1inch) deep in the ice, embed the loop wires and fill with water. Make sure to do this well in advance of an event, as the water will need some time to freeze.
  • Snow: cut slots in the snow, approximately 20 cm (8 inches) deep. Place the loop wires in the slot and fill them with snow.

ProChip System

The MYLAPS ProChip Timing System is fast, reliable and easy to use. The system can be used at a wide range of active sports, including cycling, running, triathlon, skating, swimming, biathlon and more.

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