RC Upgrade Deals 20

RC Upgrade Deals

With the MYLAPS RC4 System you can rely on the most advanced timing system in the industry, especially with the new Firmware 4.5.

Who is the fastest of them all?

It’s all about top speed. If you have the fastest RC car on the track, then you have bragging rights!

Add a new dimension to your track and experience for your racers with a speed trap, and let drivers compare who has the fastest speeds. To help you create your own speed trap, we offer you two MYLAPS RC4 Decoders at a huge discount!

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Buy two RC4 Decoders to offer a speed trap, now 65% off

Give your racers what they want, and let them know what their top speeds are. To help you create your own speed trap, we offer you, for a limited time only, two RC4 Decoders for 65% off!

Speed trap deal includes:

  • 2 RC4 Decoders
  • Loops
  • Cabling

Want to show sector times on your track? Buy one additional RC4 Decoder and give your racers more insight into their performance.



Save 50% on a brand-new RC4 Decoder

Turn the decoder you have into the one you want. Save 50% by trading in your old RC2 or RC3 Decoder for a new RC4 Decoder and work with the best timing system in the world.

Get in touch with your local partner or MYLAPS account manager for a personalized offer.

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Discount on RC4 & RC4 Pro transponders

Trade-in your current AMBrc, AMBrc DP, MYLAPS RC2 transponder and get a big discount on a new RC4 or RC4 Pro transponder!

  • 55% discount on RC4 (Pure) transponder
  • 33% discount on RC4 Pro transponder

Keep in mind, when racing with old RC transponders you risk lap times not being registered by the MYLAPS timing system.

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