RC4 Pro Promo Pack

All the marketing materials you will need to launch a successful RC4 Pro Transponder campaign.
RC4 Pro Promo Pack 4

The RC4 Pro Promo Pack is specially created to help you market and sell the RC4 Pro Transponders.

The Promo Pack includes:

  • MYLAPS Logos
  • RC4 Pro Product Images
  • Instagram Ads



We are very proud of our logo and we request you not to modify anything to ensure that it looks the way it’s supposed to.

Download Logos



RC4 Pro Transponder

The product images will allow you to create your own promotional material, with your own logos and branding. We ask you not to change the product image in any shape or form as it will become unrecognizable.

Download Product Images



Instagram Advertisements

To maximize your RC4 Pro Transponder sales you will want to make extensive use of your social media presence. We have created a series of 10 different ads promoting the new RC4 Pro. You are free to use them in your marketing efforts. All images are 1080×1080 pixels.

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Interested in selling the RC4 Pro Transponder?

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