New features [May 2019]

New features

Our team has been busy developing new features in the EventApp. Sit back and read about this cool new stuff.

New features

Like & Comment

With the Like & Comment feature you can like your favorite participant on their profile, mark your favorite participants in the Live-tracking screen, message your friends or family members and connect with others during the event. To use this feature login is required and you can easily enable this feature in the EventCMS.

New features 1

Geofencing (beta)

With Geofencing you can send messages to specific groups (roles) in a specific area, including a link and/or image. You can pick a radius from 0,5 km to 25 km. There's a maximum of 20 messages per event and it's only available in White Label apps (no SporthiveLive). This is no subsitution for push notifications.

New features 2

Hide my Live-tracking data

In line with the new privacy regulations the participant decides on visibility of their data. In BIBclaim the participant can decide what option they prefer for their data: 1. Default: public available, 2. Require PIN: Live-tracking data only available with PIN-Code, 3. Hidden: No one can access Live-tracking data.

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