on-board flagging and tracking

On-Board Flagging and Tracking

The On-Board products include the components of X2 Race Control that are with the racer in the vehicle itself. This includes X2 RaceLinks which can come as GPS, Club, or Pro, and the X2 LED Bar for on-board flagging.

On-Board Flagging

On-Board flagging displays personal and track flag signals such as yellow, red, or green flags, on the X2 LED Bar located in vehicles to improve driver adherence to warnings, resulting in fewer on-track incidents.

Additionally, for race control purposes, the X2 LED Bar sends back acknowledgment messages through the software to inform race control that a flag signal has been received in the vehicle.

Live Tracking

The MYLAPS X2 RaceLinks are located on-board the vehicle and record accurate and reliable live GPS tracking of all vehicles on the track, including safety team cars.

The live GPS tracking enables faster dispatch and response times, leading to fewer track closures, better rental client service, tighter adherence to sporting regulations, and improved safety.

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X2 Race Control 13

X2 LED Bar

Shows safety flags as seen as communicated by Race Control. The X2 LED Bar functions in combination with the X2 RaceLink Club or X2 RaceLink Pro.

On-board flagging speeds up racers response time to flag signals replicating what is seen on the trackside Light Panels, improving the safety for racers and personnel.

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X2 Race Control - Marshalling 13

Case Studies

Wondering how X2 Race Control works in practice, and how it can enhance your circuit? Read our blog posts in which we take a closer look at the experience from our partners who are using X2 Race Control on track.

Race Control Case Studies



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