Starting Lights and Pit Gantry

Starting lights and race control components in the Gantry and Pit Lane are crucial for track management in motorsport. The X2 Race Control features at the Gantry include the FIA/FIM Starting Lights and LED Info Panel. In the pit lane, X2 Race Control includes a pit-in warning system, pit-vehicle detection radar, and pit exit lights.


High Visibility LED Lights

Digitally controlled from race control, or by marshals the bright X2 Starting Lights and Pit-Exit Lights conform to all applicable standards and are visible even in the most difficult conditions.

The ultra-bright LED Race Info Panel is a versatile display is designed to provide all essential track information in racing environments. Stay informed with clear indicators for Black Flag notices, Penalty Laps / Stops, and important details like Time or Laps to Go.


Vehicle Detection Radar

Vehicle detection system activates warning systems along the pit lane to inform staff and people in the area of incoming vehicles. RADAR technology reliably detects oncoming vehicles and can activate warning devices.

The system also includes a feature to detect vehicles from the pit exit and activate blue lights to alert vehicles leaving the pit lane of oncoming traffic.

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X2 Race Control - Marshalling 13

Starting Lights & Info Panel

Starting Lights

X2 Starting Light systems provides starting light procedures for FIA and FIM and non-graded circuits. Compliant with FIA’s Appendix H, 2.4.6 for Starting Lights and the procedures for racing use.

With 20 high—visibility LED front discs for rider and driver information,
and 10 rear discs for broadcasting, audience and race direction.




Info Panel

A multi-functional display (3m x 1m) for all forms of track information.

In racing environments, the LED Race Info Panel provides a clearly visible indicator of Black Flag notices, Penalty Laps / Stops, and general info such as Time or Laps to Go.

Non-racing events are supported through countdown clocks, corporate logos and even video playback.

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Pit-Exit Lights

Controlled either locally by Pit Lane exit marshals, or remotely from Race Control, MYLAPS Pit Exit lights conform to all applicable standards.

The lights play a key role for track control by informing the drivers/riders when the track is open or not, and also if there is oncoming traffic on exiting the pit-lane, to ensure sufficient care is taken upon exit. The ultra-bright LED lights ensure visibility in the most difficult conditions.

Remote control available for local operation of the pit-exit lights by a pit marshal.

Pit Detection Radar

The fully configurable vehicle detection system looks down the track from pit exit and can reliably detect oncoming vehicles. The system can automatically then activate the Pit Exit Blue light function to alert the vehicle leaving the pit-lane of the oncoming traffic.

Detection RADAR used in the Pit-In vehicle detection system. The fully configurable vehicle detection system reliably detects oncoming vehicles. The system can automatically activate warning horns or other analog devices.

Pit-In Warning System


A vehicle detection system that activates one or several warning systems is installed along the pit lane to inform all the staff and people in this traffic area that a vehicle is entering the pit lane.

MYLAPS provides connectable horns that can be integrated into the system to provide acoustic warnings.

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Case Studies

Wondering how X2 Race Control works in practice, and how it can enhance your circuit? Read our blog posts in which we take a closer look at the experience from our partners who are using X2 Race Control on track.

Race Control Case Studies


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