TranX 3 Trade-in 4

TranX 3 Trade-in

We’re making upgrading your track to the latest timing equipment even easier. Trade in your old TranX 3 Decoder for the X2 Timing & Data System and save big bucks!

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The future is now

Trade in your old TranX 3 Decoder for the X2 Timing & Data System and save big bucks!

Trade-in package includes:
  • X2 Server
  • X2 Decoder(s)
  • Speedhive Web Live Timing 1 year (free of charge)
  • Orbits 4 upgrade to Orbits 5 Standard (free of charge)

Boost Timing & Experience

X2 is the world’s first timing and data system that offers the possibility to measure and publish more race data than just lap times.

The system is the next generation MYLAPS platform and offers extensive insights into race activity, track status and system performance.


X2 Link: Live 2-Way Communication

With the introduction of X2 Link, MYLAPS takes a huge step in making live results available to racers on their on-board displays, whereas timers and race control are able to track live accurate positions of the vehicles to improve race control and fair play. X2 Link will make it possible to wirelessly send and receive valuable data from timekeeping and race control to the racer. With the X2 Tracking functionality the GPS positions of all vehicles (equipped with the RaceLink) are visible in an application for timers and race control. This allows race control to watch and replay the positions of all vehicles and improve regulation decisions.

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Live Timing: Optimize your race experience
  • X2 supports an advanced version of Live Timing, enhancing the racing experience with sector times, map tracking, sponsor logos, live video, and much more.
Orbits 5 Timing Software
  • Orbits 5 software is exclusively developed for X2 and optimized for timekeeping at all levels, from basic to semi-professional timekeeping.
Track analysis & remote control
  • The system offers insight to system performance. Diagnostics can be accessed and controlled remotely when connected to the Internet. Timekeepers are able to set-up and monitor the system from everywhere: a perfect solution for checking in on free practice runs and race days.
Upload to MYLAPS Speedhive
  • The X2 system can provide practice results without the use of any timekeeping software on our Speedhive platform, Practice Online.

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