X2 Race Control: Revolutionizing Motorsport

MYLAPS X2 Race Control, the cutting-edge race control system, continues to make waves in the motorsport industry. With its advanced features and enhanced track safety capabilities, the X2 Race Control system has gained popularity among racing circuits globally. The latest installations of MYLAPS X2 Race Control at prominent tracks such as Balaton Park Circuit, Philip Island, TT Circuit Assen, Circuit de Mirecourt, and Tor Poznan, have further solidified MYLAPS’s position as the number one solution in the field.

The System

MYLAPS X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time (GPS location and vehicle data) to enhance the safety of personnel and racers on the track.

X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit. The system consists of 4 pillars: tracking, marshalling, advanced track management, and live data.

Balaton Park Circuit

Located in Hungary, Balaton Park Circuit has joined the growing list of tracks embracing MYLAPS X2 Race Control. The circuit is equipped with 15 MYLAPS Light Panels and more than 30 X2 RaceLinks for tracking and on-board flagging purposes. Now drivers will always have a clear view of the latest flagging status, whether that is trackside or on-board. The combination of real-time data tracking, advanced marshalling capabilities, and precise timing systems ensures a seamless operation for both organizers and participants.

Balaton Park now stands ready to accommodate various racing series, attracting motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Renowned for its picturesque setting in Australia, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is no stranger to hosting world-class racing events, such as MotoGP and World Superbikes. To further bolster its position as a leading racing destination and enhance safety protocols, the circuit has integrated the MYLAPS X2 Race Control system. This state-of-the-art solution brings advanced track management features and reliable marshalling capabilities to Phillip Island, enabling race organizers to efficiently manage on-track activities and ensure the safety of participants. With MYLAPS X2 Race Control in place, Phillip Island offers an unparalleled racing experience in a spectacular location.

TT Circuit Assen

The TT Circuit Assen, famously known as ‘The Cathedral of Speed’, is home to the Dutch TT MotoGP race, and has a legendary history in motorsport. To uphold its reputation as a world-class venue, the circuit has implemented MYLAPS X2 Race Control, taking its operations to new heights. With the X2 Race Control’s comprehensive suite list of components, including tracking, marshalling, advanced track management, and live data, TT Circuit Assen can optimize safety procedures and enhance the overall racing experience for both the riders and spectators. The MYLAPS X2 Race Control system ensures seamless race management at this iconic racing circuit.

Circuit de Mirecourt

The French racetrack, Circuit de Mirecourt, located in Juvaincourt, has embraced the MYLAPS X2 Race Control system to bring its operations to the next level. By utilizing the advanced race management solution, this upcoming Grade 2 circuit aims to enhance track safety, improve race control efficiency, and elevate the overall racing experience for participants and fans. With MYLAPS X2 Race Control’s marshalling capabilities and precise timing features, Circuit de Mirecourt can host a wide range of racing events while maintaining the highest standards of safety and performance.


Sydney Motorsport Park

Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP), situated in New South Wales, Australia, renowned for hosting numerous rounds of the Australian Superbike Championship, has made significant advancements in improving safety, technology, and customer experience. As the only permanent racetrack in Sydney and one of two in Australia with a FIA/FIM Grade 2 License, the facility has consistently sought to modernize and improve its offerings. In 2022, SMSP underwent a comprehensive review and overhaul of its track safety and marshalling systems, selecting the MYLAPS X2 Race Control system as a key part of the upgrade. This integrated solution, including FIA Grade 2 Digital LED panels and advanced track management tools, utilizing real-time data to enhance safety for both personnel and track users.

One notable improvement is the introduction of the MYLAPS X2 LED Panels, which replace the previous non-homologated track Light Panel system. These panels significantly improve flag signal visibility under various weather conditions and extreme viewing angles, SMSP has also implemented the X2 Link tracking and onboard marshalling system, allowing direct communication with drivers and riders to ensure prompt receipt of flag signals, ultimately enhancing the overall safety. Additionally, this system reduces the reliance on flag marshals, optimizing response times and operational costs.


Tor Poznan

Tor Poznan, Poland’s largest circuit, and something of a hidden racing gem, has become one of the most modern circuits in the world. The Automobilklub Wielkopolski has upgraded the circuit with MYLAPS X2 Race Control making it one of the most modern circuits in the world.

All marshal posts have been equipped with X2 LED Panels and wireless tablets for the panels to be operated by marshals. The system is additionally expanded with GPS antennas with transmitters, which will enable the circuit to track every car and motorcycle on the track. Everything is combined into one track and race management system.

The usage of X2 Race Control prepares the Poznan Circuit for the future of racing, says Bartosz Bielinski, president of Automobilklub Wielkopolski. “It is a consistently implemented program of modernization of the only homologated racetrack in Poland, implemented by Automobilkub Wielkopolski, which aims to take a place among the top European motorsport facilities, and whose first effects are already visible. Recently Poznan Circuit was visited by representatives of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. The visit was promising and it is possible that the track, apart from racing cars, motorcycles, karting, and recently also rallycross, will gain another functionality.

Light Panel
X2 LED Panel
X2 Race Control


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