BibTag at the cross-country skiing event Sgambeda 2023

The 33rd edition of the cross-country skiing event Sgambeda took place in Livigno, Italy in December. The 2023 edition saw a scenic 30-kilometer route showcasing the beautiful surroundings of Little Tibet. Our partner, Evodata, was there to time the event with the MYLAPS BibTag System.

Timing services provided by Evodata

The timing services provided by the onsite Evodata crew included the start, the 1.5km mark, the halfway point, and photo finish time detection. Evodata used the BibTag system with overhead antennas and BibTag SideAntennas, designed specifically to enhance the athlete’s performance. The system allows the positioning of the chip inside a pocket placed in the neck area of the athlete.

This cutting edge solution offers exceptional accuracy during competitions, allowing an accurate and reliable detection of a high number of passings per second. The implementation of this technology represents a significant step forward in the world of winter sports, allowing real time monitoring and detailed analysis of data.

The BibTag System

The extreme conditions during winter sports events add an extra element to timekeeping and demands a lot from both the timer and the equipment. The BibTag system is ideal in these situations. It is accurate and highly reliable under demanding conditions: it easily deals with snow and ice. Moreover, the antenna that is required to pick up the signals from the athletes can easily be embedded in snowy or even icy surfaces. For long distance sports, such as cross-country skiing and biathlon, intermediate points are a valuable addition.

Founded in 1982, MYLAPS is the inventor of automatic sports timing and develops technology that is used all over the world, from the Olympics, major marathons, and NASCAR to countless local races. To offer state-of-the-art timing services, Evodata uses MYLAPS BibTag technology for mass running events such as the Venice, Rome, and Milan marathons as well as cross-country skiing events like Sgambeda and Marcialonga. BibTag is the standard timing system for mass events with affordable chips and the highest read-rates in the industry. The MYLAPS ThinTag is 75% thinner than regular tags, which results in less waste and less shipment space, which has a positive impact on lower carbon emissions.

Results of the 2023 Sgambeda

The winner of the men’s race was the Frenchman Gerard Agnellet with a time of 01:06:06. He successfully created a gap between himself and Italian Paolo Fanton, who unfortunately had a broken pole. Taking the third spot on the podium was Daniele Serra.

In the women’s race, Poland’s Justyna Kowalczyk emerged as the winner with an impressive time of 01:14:12, marking an incredible comeback for her. Emilie Bulle from France and Sigrid Mutscheller from Germany secured second and third place, respectively.

About Evodata

EvoData offers timing & data services to multiple mass running (like the Milan and Rome marathons) and mass cycling events in Italy. Next to that the company times international UCI and UEC cycling races. EvoData was founded in March 2023: OTC, SDAM, WinningTime, and TDS, the four most important Italian timing companies, joined forces to offer a wider range of products and services in the world of timing and data management of sporting events. All founding companies are equally involved in EvoData, resulting in a team of unparalleled experience in European sports timing.

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