BibTag Smart Decoder: The Next Generation Decoder

We’re thrilled to announce our new innovation: The BibTag Smart Decoder. This revolutionary device is designed to take the event timing industry to new heights, offering a host of advanced features and capabilities that set it apart from the rest.


A Game-Changing Decoder

With its compact design, it redefines the standards of the active timing industry. Packed with MYLAPS’ signature premium quality, this decoder sets new benchmarks for read rates, accuracy, density, and reliability.

User-Friendly Excellence

Operating the BibTag Smart Decoder is an absolute pleasure. Its multi-color display, intuitive controls, lid window, and side warning LEDs make it user-friendly and accessible. This means smoother setup, management, and operation for event organizers and timers.


Built on state-of-the-art technology, the device ensures precision and real-time data capture like never before. No matter the sport or event size, our high-performance system guarantees accurate detection of participants. From marathons to cycling races, the BibTag Smart Decoder delivers unmatched results.


We understand the importance of continuity. That’s why it is fully compatible with the current BibTag portfolio. This compatibility ensures a seamless transition for event organizers already familiar with our solutions.


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