Interview Ladislav Snegon

The Slovakia Ring is one of the longest racing tracks in Europe, stretching out over nearly six kilometers of twenty meter wide tarmac. The track´s manager, Ladislav Snegon, explains what technology inside this tarmac means for the track.

Technological must have

The Slovakia Ring is one of the longest racing tracks in Europe, stretching out over nearly six kilometers of twenty meter wide tarmac. The sophisticated pattern of curves, straights and elevations allows for several races to take part at the same time. It’s not only the technical layout that is state of the art; the technology inside the tarmac meets the needs of today’s racing driver.

According to manager Ladislav Snegon, the Slovakia Ring has a very interesting technical part with really fast parts and straights. “It is a very modern circuit with four artificially constructed horizons that increases the popularity and the attractiveness of the track. The circuit is really wide, and offers six variants of racing for the clients.”

Well-balanced calendar

The Slovakia ring, just outside Bratislava, is host to racing events on both professional and amateur level. “We host a series of national and international professional racing events. Also we cooperate with some manufacturers and professional teams to provide them with enough space for testing. We also set up our calendar to be well balanced and it offers good opportunities for public as well as riders. The track is very suitable for owners of fast cars and bikes to increase their skill in racing”, Snegon explains.

MYLAPS-solutions-Slovakia Ring Biker

Modern circuit in a modern world

On a track like this the automated timing system is a technological must have. The Slovakia Ring hosts prestigious international races, with high demands from competitors. For test drives, the timing system installed offers a valuable insight in the performances of racers and cars. Snegon: “The timing system is one of the most important things for us, because with this system we can offer such a professional service to our clients. The timing must work properly, accurately and instantly. It helps us a lot.” In his opinion it is impossible in this modern world and among the modern circuits to be a professional racing location without the use of automatic sports timing.


Perfect timing technology

The MYLAPS timing system is embedded in the track’s tarmac. Racers use transponders, which are detected by the systems antennas at the start and finish line and intermediate timing points along the circuit. “We chose MYLAPS technology because in times of building the circuit we heard good things about it”, Snegon explains. Our experience with the system meets all the good recommendations. We are really satisfied, and so are our customers. Most of them are used to work with these timekeeping tools and our timekeeper praises this technology. It is very flexible, user friendly and in the right hands it is the perfect timing technology.”


Development of motorized sports

With his impressive circuit, Ladislav Snegon hopes to improve motorized sports: “My biggest challenge is to rank among the best circuits in Europe. By always improving our service levels we want to contribute to the development of this amazing sport.”

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