Introducing The New MYLAPS Karting Light Panels

MYLAPS Karting Light Panels installed at Kartbaan Strijen, the Netherlands. 

Experience the future of karting with the cutting-edge MYLAPS Karting Light Panels. The most advanced light panel on the market is now part of the fully integrated MYLAPS X2 Race Control solution to improve the safety of both personnel and racers on the track.

Enhance driver safety with the MYLAPS Karting Light Panels by showing flag signals along the circuit for dangerous situations. Take full control of your track management with these efficient and user-friendly light panels, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

The MYLAPS Karting Light Panels:
  • Bright LEDs are clearly visible in all conditions
  • Use live GPS positioning to send personal flags – to Panels and ‘On-Board’
  • Improve marshalling operations and deployment
  • Automate individual vehicle tracking, stop detection and off-track alerts
  • Simplify the management of race, text and practice sessions


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Global Rollout of MYLAPS Karting Light Panels Continues

Already installed at numerous tracks in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia, MYLAPS Karting Panels are rapidly generating many customer success stories, one of which can be found below:

MYLAPS Karting Light Panels installed at Kartbaan Strijen, the Netherlands.

At Kartbaan Strijen, the complete MYLAPS X2 Race Control system has been successfully installed, incorporating karting light panels and X2 Race Link GPS devices to accurately track the exact positions of all karts. By combining trackside and on-board marshalling, the karting track maximizes the benefits offered by the light panels.

Marshalling and flagging information is sent instantly to everyone at the same time with GPS controlled X2 LED Light Panel and GPS controlled X2 RaceLinks.

  • Send all common flags to vehicles on the track, including green, yellow, red and chequered
  • Flagging via integrated or external LED Bars, on-board displays and/or Dashboards
  • Replicate all Track, Sector and Personal Flags trackside


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MYLAPS Karting Light Panels installed at Kartbaan Strijen, the Netherlands. 

The MYLAPS Karting Light Panels:
  • Highest LED resolution in the motorsport market
  • Horizontal viewing angle, from left and right side, up to 50°
  • Vertical viewing angle, from up and down, up to 20°
  • Panels can be maintained and upgraded remotely
  • All race flags available, including 1 custom logo
  • Part of a fully integrated MYLAPS race control solution
  • MYLAPS world-leading quality and durability

Take the safety of your track to the next level with the all-new MYLAPS karting light panel. Use the light panel as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with your MYLAPS timing system.


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