Looking back at an exciting weekend!

Last weekend, MYLAPS was thrilled to provide timing and event services for six exciting events in the Netherlands, including the Rotterdam Marathon and the Enschede Marathon.
We deployed 80 BibTag decoders, 394 BibTag mats, and 12 EasyMats to guarantee top-notch timing accuracy for every participant.

Spread across multiple cities and featuring 45 event locations, our team of professionals worked tirelessly to ensure that everything ran smoothly. From the bustling streets of Rotterdam to the picturesque countryside of Enschede, MYLAPS Event Timing was there to support event organizers and participants alike.

The Rotterdam Marathon is a prestigious road running event held annually in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It attracts participants worldwide and is known for its fast and flat course, making it a favorite among elite runners. The event includes the full marathon, a 1/4 marathon, a city run, fun kids run, and a walking event. For this event, we prepared 10 split points and made sure the supporters could track their favorite runner’s location, pace, and position at any given point.


The Enschede marathon is another popular road race in the Netherlands, held annually in the city of Enschede. It features a fast and scenic course that takes runners through the historic city center and surrounding countryside. Participants can choose from the full marathon, half marathon, 10km race, 5km run, walking event, and kids run. It is the oldest marathon in the Netherlands and the atmosphere is always spectacular with thousands of people cheering the runners on.

It was a exciting weekend full of thrills. MYLAPS was proud to be part of it all, delivering precision timing and event services to help make each event a success.

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