Easy to use, reliable and accurate timing systems

Because each sport has its own unique requirements, MYLAPS offers a wide range of timing products for active  sports. Active mass events, like the marathon, need to handle a high density of competitors and small-scale and pro events, like cycling tours, require extremely high accuracy. The MYLAPS product portfolio has been broadened to include tailor-made timing systems that meet the requirements of all types of events.

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Timing & Data Solutions



Give participants the best event experience with the most complete event app in the industry. 

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Our Registration module ensures a smooth and easy registration process for both event organizer and participants.

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MYLAPS Sporthive is the new practice and event results platform for running, cycling, triathlon, skating, mud and fun runs and all other forms of active sports.

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EventKit brings professional timekeeping to events without having a professional timer on-site. Using MYLAPS's proven BibTag technology, the system ensures reliable and accurate timing from start to finish.

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