Drone Racing 2

The MYLAPS Drone System sets the standard for Drone Racing

Drone Racing is a new type of sports, but it is quickly gaining popularity. The speed and maneuverability of drones make drone racing thrilling to watch – and even more exciting to do. MYLAPS is developing the most advanced drone timing system on the market: the MYLAPS Drone System. This system is based on our RC4 system, that has been used in the world of RC racing for many years and still is the standard for timing RC races. The system is an evolution of this reliable solution, optimized for use with drones.

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  • Accuracy of up to 0,01 seconds
  • Every pilot has their own transponder: no video signal errors
  • Unlimited number of drones per race
  • All data can be stored and published on the MYLAPS Speedhive platform
  • Decades of experience with RC racing

About the system

The MYLAPS Drone System works with the well-known RC4 Decoder, which can be updated to firmware 4.5 to be able to work with the new DR5 Transponders. Detection loops are placed on (air) gates and work as the system’s antennas, timing software is required to handle and publish results, and DR5 Transponders are mounted on every drone so they can be identified and timed. When you already own a MYLAPS RC4 Decoder, you can convert it to work with MYLAPS DR5 Transponders through a firmware update. This will not remove your RC timing abilities: your decoder will come with an option to easily switch between both disciplines.

Detection loops
The Drone System uses the same loops as our RC systems. The loops are mounted around (air) gates to detect every drone.

DR5 Transponder
Every pilot owns or rents a lightweight transponder that is mounted onto the drone. The transponders send out a unique signal, so there is no video signal erroring. When pilots register the transponder to their MYLAPS Speedhive account, they get an overview of all their training and race data.

RC4 Decoder
With firmware 4.5 you can easily switch between Drone and RC Racing. To facilitate this change, new protocols have been introduced. These protocols make that RC Decoders with the 4.5 firmware are no longer compatible with MYLAPS RC2 Transponders. Click here for a compatibility chart.



Live Timing

Optimize your race experience with real-time results! Get the most out of your race event by broadcasting live race results to your fans and followers. With the new Speedhive Live Timing Web you're fully equipped for your upcoming races.

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