Take your endurance racing to the next level

X2 Driver ID

Take your endurance racing to the next level.



Simplify your timekeeping

Allow up to 5 different drivers to race in one single car, and identify each one with one tap.




Say goodbye to errors

Endurance racing, the sport where there is no margin for error and only the highest standards count. Raise the bar and integrate your timing system with the X2 Driver ID, the brand-new solution to send X2 Transponder information from different drivers to the timekeeper.



X2 Driver ID Features

  • Compatible with Direct Power X2 Transponder (Car/Bike only) & X2 Pro Transponder
  • Brightness adjustment for epic night racing
  • Fully functional with racing gloves on
  • One-Time-Purchase


The launch of X2 Driver ID means that all TranX related Driver ID products have been declared end of sales.


X2 Driver ID


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