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ProChip Smart Decoder

Have you ever seen a smaller, lighter and more affordable timing system with this high accuracy? The ProChip Smart Decoder is a small, lightweight and affordable timing device to be carried on ​airplanes in hand luggage​. With this new innovation timing becomes more accessible and flexible while the high accuracy that you are used to is being maintained. Suitable for triathlon, all types of cycling, running, ice and snow sports, and more.

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World's smallest, lightest and most affordable decoder

Meet the latest revolution in timing! With the ProChip Smart Decoder we introduce a timing system that gives you the high timing quality and accuracy that you are used to in the smallest, most lightweight and afforable device you have ever seen.

The ProChip Smart Decoder will change timing for the better. The possibility to connect a modem and powerbank will give you great flexibility without having to worry about missing any passings. This timing device makes timing accessible for anyone that cares about accurate racing results.

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Meet the ProChip Smart Decoder


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Small & lightweight decoder that fits in carry-on luggage


Lower purchase and transportation costs


With modular modem and power bank if needed


The most accurate system in the industry – 0.003 s


Online or offline distribution via wifi, cable, USB stick or modem


Proven ProChip technology with remote monitoring


Competitive advantage with the ProChip Smart Decoder

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Small design: 21 x 17 x 10 cm​

Lightweight – 1.7kg​

Affordable​ device

Suitable for hand luggage on airplanes (according to IATA rules)​

Compatible with Timing & Scoring, existing ProChip decoders and all existing​ ProChip transponders​

Extend operating time with a powerbank​

Updating the Firmware has never been easier – update is pushed when connected to the internet​

NEW: Connect to CCNet via WiFi​

NEW: Noise Frequency Overview​

ProChip Timing Setup

The new standard in portable timing decoders is the ProChip Smart Decoder. The decoder is 2.5x smaller, 6x lighter and 3x more affordable than the previous ProChip Portable Decoder, while maintaining all of the functionality and even adding features.

Because of it’s small size the ProChip Smart Decoder fits in your carry-on luggage, so it makes your logistics a lot easier. To time a race all you need is the ProChip Smart Decoder, a loop, ProChips and a laptop with Timing & Scoring and you are good to go!

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Our newest addition to the ProChip System is the ProChip Timer. Together with the ProChip Communicator it is the fastest manageable timing chip in bulk. Try it now.

Manage and activate your ProChips in bulk

ProChip Timer is a timing solution for timers that have to manage a large number of chips at once. The bulk-activation functionality of the ProChip in combination with the ProChip Communicator makes the process of checking and activating ProChips smooth and effortless. You always know what ProChips are ready for the next event and which ones you need to update.

ProChip is the proven reliable chip with an upgraded processor. It has best in class read-rates, high speed accuracy and is used at all A level events in the world. Each chip is unique which guarantees athlete identification up to 0.003 seconds.

To use the chip in races you need an active 1, 2 or 5 year subscription that you can activate with the ProChip Communicator in MYLAPS Connect.

ProChip comes with a practice option for facilities where a ProChip System is installed. In practice mode it is possible to effortlessly use the system with automated online training data.

Why ProChip Timer?

The ProChip Timer is designed to make it easier to manage and update your ProChips in one overview.

Pros of the ProChip Timer:

  • Easy bulk activation & mass subscription renewal
  • Best in class read-rates and high speed accuracy up to 0.003 seconds
  • Wireless management of your battery-powered ProChips
  • Clear overview of ProChips owned, status and subscription wallet via
  • Compatible with the proven ProChip System


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ProChips can be used at many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more.

The ultimate system for high-speed elite sports

All athletes have a ProChip FLEX attached to their ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track.

The ProChip FLEX: used for many different sports

The ProChip Flex can be used for many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more. When used at cycling events it is recommended to mount the ProChip FLEX on the bicycle’s front fork, as close as possible to the front axle, by using cable ties.


Every MYLAPS ProChip FLEX comes with a subscription for 1, 2 or 5 years. After the initial subscription period, the subscription can be renewed.

  • Timing Resolution: 0.003 sec
  • Density: 4800 chips/minute
  • Housing: Water- and shockproof
  • Numbers available: unlimited

MYLAPS ProChips are highly durable and can even be washed in your washing machine!

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Detection loops are installed in the track at the start and finish line and intermediate time points. The loops work as the system´s antennas and pick up the ProChips signals.

The detection loop can be installed in basically every type of surface.

  • Asphalt or concrete (not permanent): use industrial quality adhesive tape to affix the loop to the course. Make sure you use high quality tape to secure the tape to the road.
  • Ice: Cut slots of approximately 2 cm (1inch) deep in the ice, embed the loop wires and fill with water. Make sure to do this well in advance of an event, as the water will need some time to freeze.
  • Snow: cut slots in the snow, approximately 20 cm (8 inch) deep. Place the loop wires in the slot and fill them with snow.
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Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. We make sure your event will run smoothly with our Timing & Scoring software. Timing & Scoring is the improved successor of ToolKit and offers a complete and easy to use software package to set-up and time a race and then to create and publish reliable results.

The software is specifically designed for running and triathlon events and allows you to have multiple starts, splits, races and courses in a single event and offers extensive diagnostics. It is easy to use, and allows professional timers as well as weekend warriors to set-up and time a race and to create and publish reliable results in just a few clicks.

Cycling 1

The platform for active sports results

MYLAPS Sporthive is the practice and event results platform for running, cycling, triathlon, skating, mud and fun runs and all other forms of active sports. Results from ProChip-timed events will be uploaded to MYLAPS Sporthive instead of and other event results will also be integrated on the new platform.

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MYLAPS Sporthive
  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Flexible component

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