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EventApp EventCMS Webinar

Did you miss the EventCMS webinar? Don't worry! You can check the webinar from the account manager in your region below and download the slide deck.

EventApp EventCMS Webinar 2

EventCMS: Customize & configure your EventApp

You get an in-depth training to understand more on how to work with the Event CMS to manage your EventApp, add content and configure settings for live tracking and results.

In this 60 minute EventCMS webinar we discussed:

  • Quick tour of the EventApp CMS
  • How to setup a (virtual) EventApp
  • How to upload your participant data & results
  • Setting up timelines and live tracking

Check out the webinar recording

EMEA Webinar

Check out the recording of the webinar by our EMEA Regional account managers:

EventApp EventCMS Webinar 1

US Region Webinar

Check out the recording of the webinar by our US Regional account managers:


Still have questions about EventCMS?

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With a series of webinars we will help you prepare for when the season kicks-off again. Since we have new innovations that will help your business, make sure you get informed about the latest technologies.

This is your opportunity to follow in-depth product trainings on new and existing products. All webinars are hosted by our accountmanagers.

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