A new milestone: 8-digit transponder numbers

We’re celebrating a huge milestone: the 8-digit transponder numbers!

A new milestone: 8-digit transponder numbers 4

Over the years, MYLAPS has delivered a huge number of transponders to the racing world.

A great and continuing success story!

Nearly all of these transponders were shipped with a 7-digit transponder number. However, as with all series, our 7-digit series is nearing its end for our X2 CLUB Transponder. A new milestone: 8-digit transponder numbers 1

The first 8-digit transponders can be expected later this season.


To ensure a smooth transition to the 8-digit transponders, we need your help.

  • If you’re a developer, make sure to check whether your software supports 8-digits transponder numbers (think of, input fields, forms, columns etc.)
  • If you’re a timer or reseller, check with your software supplier if their software supports 8-digit transponder numbers

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