Belle Foret is the latest circuit to adopt X2 Race Control

We’re delighted to announce that the latest installation of X2 Race Control is at South Korea’s new premier karting track. The first X2 LED Panels and X2 BaseLinks have been installed at Belle Foret to enhance track safety for racers and personnel on the circuit.

 The Belle Foret International Moto Arena


About Belle Foret International Moto Arena

The Belle Foret International Moto Arena, is an FIA Karting licenced circuit that is South Korea’s premier karting circuit with a total length of 1.5km.

It will be the newest addition to one of the most inclusive and exciting family entertainment and lesiure destinations in Asia. It is perched on the peak of the beautiful Belle Foret mountains, offering breathtaking views of forests, lakes, and a picturesque parkland scenery.

X2 LED Panel at Belle Foret


X2 Race Control at Belle Foret

The Belle Foret Moto Arena is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, including 12 cutting-edge X2 LED Panels and three X2 BaseLinks strategically positioned along the circuit for optimal safety. These cutting-edge technologies not only ensure on track safety for personnel and racers, but also enhance the overall racing experience.

The X2 LED Panels provide warnings to drivers through enhanced on-track flag visibility in dangerous situations. The panels help to change driving behaviors on the circuit ensuring a safe and fun karting experience.

X2 Baselinks transmit radio signals received by X2 RaceLink antennas on each vehicle, displaying the safety flags on-board, in the drivers’ line of sight. The BaseLinks allows 2-way communication to and from the vehicle, and with three X2 BaseLinks at Belle Foret, there is full coverage on the 1.5km circuit.

X2 BaseLink & X2 LED Panel


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