Homologated Light Panels Required for Graded Circuits

At MYLAPS, we are committed to helping racing circuits around the world meet the FIA and FIM safety standards for homologated light panels. As you may know, starting from the 2023 season, circuits hosting an FIA Grade 1 or FIM Grade A & B sanctioned championship or series must have permanent homologated light panels installed at all marshal flag points.

In addition to these requirements, circuits with an FIA Grade 2 sanction must have homologated light panels installed by the start of the 2024 season, while those with an FIA Grad 3 section must be installed by the start of the 2025 season.



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We understand that meeting these deadlines can be challenging, which is why we offer a complete range of homologated light panels suitable for circuits of all grades, including high-performance non-graded panels. All of our panels for graded circuits have been homologated by the FIA & FIM

Our light panels are an integral part of our X2 Race Control solution, which enables race organizers to have full control of all the action happening on the track in real-time, using GPS location and vehicle data.

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Tracks using MYLAPS Light Panels


We have successfully installed our X2 Race Control solution, including light panels, at numerous tracks around the world. Don’t just take our word for it. Below you can find a couple of examples of successful X2 Race Control installations. More circuits will follow soon.

Full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań 13


Tor Poznan Circuit 

Click below to learn about how the Tor Poznan circuit in Poland has become one of the most modern circuits in the world with MYLAPS race control technology. The Poznan team share the advantages of their X2 Race Control setup.

Learn how Tor Poznan enhanced their race control


Phillip Island Circuit

This well-known MotoGP riders’ favourite in Australia hosts plenty of races and track days. The recently completed installation of our MYLAPS X2 Race Control solution includes 11 MYLAPS light panels

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