MYLAPS kicks off the year 2018 in style

The month of January has seen lots of great things happening from multiple records being broken at large marathons to conferences and expos all over the world.

Hong Kong Marathon 2018

Hong Kong Marathon

The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018 was close to setting a record for the largest marathon in the world, but ends up being a close second with 77,000 runners!

The runners equipped with ThinTags could be followed live by friends and family through the EventApp using the LiveTracking feature.

Equip your events with the thinnest timing tag in the world by using MYLAPS ThinTag.

Egmond Halve Marathon

The Saucony Egmond Halve Marathon was a huge success thanks to the LiveTracking and LivePhoto features, available in the EventApp. All participants could find their personal photos right after passing the finish line, both in the app and on our EventResults platform.

Boost the live experience of your event by providing all of your participants with their own unique event picture with PhotoVideo.

US Customer Conference

The 2018 US Customer Conference took place in Cancun, Mexico. Around 90 customers from the Americas attended the conference to get the latest product updates, follow hands-on workshops and meet the (new) US team.

Live Data Insights Whitepaper

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Run Mexico

At Run Mexico, Latin America’s largest running conference, MYLAPS shared a booth together with timing partner Marcate. We had several great products on display, including PhotoVideo, timing mats, and a large display to show LiveTracking in our EventApp.

Interested in our EventApp? Click and learn more about offering your participants and spectators the best event experience with live tracking!

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