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Free branded photos of all participants LIVE in your EventApp. Another game changing innovation powered by MYLAPS.


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The innovation explained


Automated photos and videos provided by the most robust and integrated solution of the industry. MYLAPS brings the PhotoVideo Integrator and Camera.



How it works

“LivePhoto integration well thought out and valuable addition for participants and fans”

"Well thought out and valuable addition"

“In selecting an app for the 2017 Queens Half Marathon, our primary consideration was a product that integrated well with our existing hardware and provided best in class runner tracking. As expected, the MYLAPS app more than met our needs and integrated well with our existing MYLAPS oriented systems.  Additionally, we found the photo integration to be well thought out and a valuable addition for participants and their fans. This is something that we plan to elevate awareness of in years to come and we think will only be considered more valuable in time, particularly for a race with an international audience. All of this was contained in a well-developed U.I. which is very often not the case in many event apps.”

Ultimately, if you’re working with Mylaps technology at your race, this is the app for you.

Steve Lastoe, Founder & Race Director New York City Runs

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Drive huge social reach


Your athletes and fans want a real-time and shareable experience. Make your photos and videos available in your own white label EventApp, on their Facebook wall, in your event results or on your own website (via iframe) or our free API.


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Real-time shareable experience

Benefit now from live or same day publishing of photos and videos in your white label EventApps, on Facebook and/or in event results.
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Capture emotions of athletes

Let your participants re-live their race by capturing their emotions with PhotoVideo and get your spectators fully engaged live during the race. Integrate your sponsors and benefit of the exposure and social reach.
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