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MYLAPS-ProChip-FLEXSkating is a highly competitive type of sports. There are various types, including inline speed skating, short track and skate tours. All these races have one thing in common: races are usually very exciting and fast and finishes can be very close. Tight finishes require a reliable and accurate system. The MYLAPS ProChip System can measure finishes up to 3/1000th of a second.

Many skate events consist of various distances and races, sometimes throughout an entire season. You want to keep track of championship standings, without messing with data. MYLAPS offers solutions that save all results from all events in a season. With the ProChip System, athletes can buy their own transponders. When they register their transponder online, skaters can look up all of their training and race results, compare their data with others and share it with friends and family.

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The timing system for inline skating events


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