Rental karting

The MYLAPS Kart Timing System for rental karting, previously the TranX140 Sytem, provides you with a simple, accurate and reliable timing solution for recreational karting.

Timekeeping for Rental Karting venues

This system increases the competitive environment within your indoor or outdoor karting facility, which keeps customers coming back to beat their friends behind the wheel. Customers want to see their lap times and compare their results against their friends. The MYLAPS Kart Timing System for Rental Karting can be easily managed by your staff.

  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Fully automated timing
  • High accuracy
  • Unquestionable results
  • World leader in sports timing
  • Proven technology
  • Dedicated service and support team

Live race results and lap times

By installing a maintenance-free MYLAPS Kart Fixed Power Transponder on each of your rental go-karts, your staff can provide live race results and lap times to your customers and spectators. Easily print individual lap times and results after the session, while showing results live on scoreboards for spectators. The system is also ideal for your racing leagues because racers can trust the accuracy of the race results.

As club or track owner, you can use the MYLAPS Kart Timing System to:

  1. Prepare entry lists for event timing
  2. Collect race data, including driver identification
  3. Lap times and number of laps Process
  4. Print and publish official event results

Kart Timing System Components

The MYLAPS Kart Timing System for recreational and rental karting includes hardware and software components, providing you with a complete solution for simple, accurate and reliable timekeeping. In addition to these standard system components, you can extend your system with the MYLAPS modular addons. For further information regarding the add-ons, please contact your MYLAPS reseller.


1. MYLAPS Fixed Power Transponder

The transponder, installed on each kart, sends a unique signal to the detection loop, which is used to:

  • Identify the driver
  • Record the exact time at which the kart passed the detection loop


2. MYLAPS Detection Loop 

Works as the system antenna to receive all transponder signals.
The detection loop is embedded at the finish line and all other timing points installed at the track.


3. MYLAPS Kart Server/Decoder

Attached to the detection loop, it decodes the transponder signal into the driver’s ID and the exact time that the driver crossed the finish line.

4. Timing Software

Currently MYLAPS doesn’t offer a software package. However, several great 3rd party software applications are available.

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