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Learn how to setup a registration page from the start and add additional features to your page. The tutorials and webinars will help you with this. Want to start now? Contact us and we will setup an account for you.

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Start up your Registration in just a few minutes


Design your Registration page


Self Service by participants

Let your registrants manage their own registration via our Self Service feature.
The registrant can:

  • Edit their registration
  • Switch race you want to register for
  • Transfer your registration to someone else
  • Buy merchandise after the registration process



Adding custom questions

Do you want to add custom questions to learn more from your participants?
What is your member code, or on which brand shoes wil you run? The list of questions you can ask is endless and with custom questions you can ask what you want.


Add a promo code

Want to give a general (temporary) promotion code available for the public or a single use promotion code for a specific audience. Select your preference and add the promo code with a few simple clicks!


Sell products and services

Sell your merchandise via the registration platform and simply track your inventory.
When your product stock level goes down to zero, the product is automatically sold out and cannot be selected by other registrants. All you have to do is ship the items to the registrant, or have them collected on race day. It is that simple!


Donations and charity

Are you raising funds for charity? Add your charity to the registration process and encourage your participants to support the cause.

Manage your (business) teams

Add (business) team registration to your registration page via a few simple steps.

Expo or on-site registrations

Do you support registrations on race day or at your expo? Simply set up and manage expo mode for your registration page.

Registration and Financial insights

Be in full control of your registration page and customize registration reporting to your own liking. Next to that benefit of clear financial insights and two weekly statements.



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