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Are you looking for easy online, on-site and expo registration for your events? Partner up with MYLAPS and be ensured of a smooth and easy registration for both the participant and the event organizer. Learn more about the key platform features you will benefit from or contact us directly to speak with our specialists. 

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Self Service

By using self-service participants can easily make changes to their registration and personal information, e.g. typo’s, address changes, race changes, etc.. Self-service saves event organizers and timers a lot of time and resources in handling such requests. Additionally support your participants to easily switch races via their personal account or to transfer their registration. All of the above will happen without any support needed from the event organizers!

”Everybody was impressed and satisfied with the smooth registration process.”

”Using the MYLAPS Registration platform saved us 1,000 support e-mails on opening day  compared to previous years and our helpdesk had almost nothing to do. On social media we saw runners being impressed with the easy and smooth registration process. So we went home at 4:00 PM, ready, nothing to do, a lot earlier than the years before.”

Jan Willem Mijderwijk, Race director Dam tot Damloop
(45,000 registrants, sold out in 2 hours)

Merchandise sales

Sell your merchandise within the registration process and make it easier for your participants to buy the merchandise with a single transaction. Simply add the stock levels of your merchanidise in the platform and never oversell products!

Business teams

Every event has a unique way to manage their business teams. With the MYLAPS Registration platform we have solutions for all of them! A team can easily be managed by a team captain via their personal team portal. Invite, insert or delete team members and send e-mails to all team members at once via the portal.

Clear financial insights

The platform offers detailed and clear financial insights. Explore more detailed insights via the button below.

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Customized Registration form

You can quickly customize your registration form to suit your needs. Add custom questions to your registration page or contact our registration specialists to assist you.

Display participants

You want to display all participants that entered your race? Add the feature with a single click in the CMS. On your registration homepage the ‘find participant’ feature appears.

Own customized content

Add your own text, pictures and or videos to the registration home page to get your potential registrants more engaged and excited to register for your event. You can also add your content in multiple languagues, the platform itself is translated in 17 languagues including English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic with right to left reading support!

Fully customize your e-mail confirmation to inform your participants about all they need to know for the event.

When setting up your registration page you can simply create your own customized URL, for example Easy to find and remember for participants.


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