MaxFun and MYLAPS join forces to enhance experience

MaxFun and MYLAPS signed a long-term agreement to offer best-in-class digital sports experiences to athletes and fans.


MaxFun and MYLAPS join forces to offer best-in-class race experience 1


MaxFun, the company behind the leading running platform in Austria, will be timing all of their events with MYLAPS technology. Both companies also partner up in the field of race registration with MaxFun as proven registration platform. They will offer their registration platform as exclusive partner to the MYLAPS timer network in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Events like the RedBull 400, Graz Marathon, Vienna Nightrun and B2Run Series, will be timed with MYLAPS timing systems. These races will also use services like the EventApp, with LiveTracking and Selfie features, to enhance the event experience for athletes, fans and sponsors. MYLAPS will offer the full-suite MaxFun registration platform to their full timer and event network in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This platform is user friendly, both for participants and events, and is optimized for use on mobile devices.

Ultimate experience for athletes, fans and sponsors
Werner Sallinger, CEO of MaxFun Sports:
‘We are excited to work together with the global leader in sports timing. We have the ambition to offer participants, fans and sponsors the ultimate sports experience. We are thrilled to explore new opportunities to further grow our registration platform with the network of MYLAPS.’

Camiel Slaats, CEO MYLAPS:
‘We are pleased to work with MaxFun in offering our world class technology to all their events. Next to that we are glad to offer our timers and events in Europe, Middle East and Africa a proven registration solution on the MaxFun platform. We look forward to helping enhance the race experience together with MaxFun for the years to come!’


About MaxFun Sports
“The time is now” is MaxFun Sports slogan. The company is active in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic for timing of running events. Founded in 1999 in Vienna/Austria, MaxFun Sports offers full-service support for event organizers. MaxFun Sports takes care of over 150 events per year with over 400,000 finishers.



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