A system for every running event

MYLAPS offers various timing systems and services to enhance running events. The BibTag system, for instance, is perfect for mass events. It requires minimal handling and logistics with disposable chips on the bib and offers the highest read rate in the industry. The BibTag system is used at the world’s largest running events, including the city marathons in Chicago, Boston, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

EventKit is perfectly equipped for timing small running races, with up to 500 runners. It saves time and money and is very easy to set up: perfect for smaller local club events.

The famous ChampionChip system, the one with the yellow chip in the runner’s shoelaces, has been around for a long time and is still the system of choice for many events. It can be used with a variety of chips and can be combined with various great services to enhance the experience for every runner.

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Timing Systems for Running events

Software & Services


EventKit brings professional timekeeping to events without having a professional timer on-site. Using MYLAPS's proven BibTag technology, the system ensures reliable and accurate timing from start to finish.

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Timing & Scoring

Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. Timing & Scoring Software makes sure your event will run smoothly.

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