X2 Transponders

X2 Transponders go with the X2 System. The X2 Transponder comes in the X2 Racer Pack, including everything racers need to get started.


X2 Transponders for car, bike, MX and kart


The more you know, the faster you go!


The brand new X2 Racer pack brings the next-gen X2 Transponders to the track. X2 is built on a new infrastructure and is capable of much more than timekeeping alone.

Racers know that practice pays off. Whether you ride motorbikes or prefer to race on four wheels, insight in your performance makes you better. The new X2 Racer pack is capable of showing you a new range of valuable race data and insights. All your data is published to your personal mylaps.com account, where you can thoroughly analyze your training and race information.

The X2 Racer pack includes an X2 Transponder as well as an X2 RaceKey and everything you need to get it to work. X2 Transponders are the successors to the well-known TranX transponders. They are available for Car, Motorbike, MX and Kart racing.

Your own personal transponder?

If you want to compete in races or practice runs you need a transponder. You can buy your own personal X2 transponder in our webshop.

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Need to renew your transponder subscription?

You need a valid subscription for your X2 if you want to compete in races or practice runs. Learn more about how to renew your X2 subscription in our How-to-Guide:

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X2 Transponder Features


  • Accurate and reliable
    The X2 Transponder is highly accurate and built to last. Warranty and insurance are included.
  • Check your data online
    Check, analyze and share your practice and race results in your personal MYLAPS account.
  • Flexible subscriptions
    Choose the subscription for your X2 Transponder that suits your racing career best.
  • X2 Racer pack
    The X2 Racer pack includes the X2 transponder and X2 RaceKey to manage your subscription.
  • Built for the future
    X2 brings a world of possibilities beyond timekeeping, with extensive insights in race data.
  • The all-round transponder
    X2 transponders are supported at every circuit and track that has a MYLAPS system installed.
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X2 Racer pack


All types MYLAPS transponders work with the X2 system for timekeeping purposes, only the new will be able benefit from the new X2 features. Also X2 transponders will function on tracks with an older MYLAPS timing system installed, but only for timekeeping purposes. Every vehicle on the track is equipped with a transponder. These transponders send out signals to the detection loops.

MYLAPS introduced the new X2 Racer pack, including the new X2 Transponder. This new generation of transponders is available for car and motorbike racing, kart racing and motocross, and opens up a world of new possibilities beyond timekeeping. They offer extensive insights in all sorts of vital race data.

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