MYLAPS X2 transponder official approved by MSA

MYLAPS X2 transponders have been officially approved by the MSA for use in Kart racing.
Kart racing

Test confirmed accuracy of MYLAPS X2 transponder

On Tuesday 15th March, an official MSA test of the MYLAPS X2 transponder took place at Rye House Kart Circuit, Hertfordshire (UK). The objective for the test was to ascertain the accuracy in timing of the X2 transponder and it’s compatibility in mixed setups with the existing systems. The test results ensured stability for competitors and organising clubs in line with the MSA National Sporting Code stability of regulations. Therefore, the X2 transponder has been official approved by the MSA for use in Kart racing.

The test was organized and witnessed by representatives of MSA, and MYLAPS. A photocell beam along with an MSA certified timer and a finish line camera were set up on the start line to provide comparison lap times. The test consisted of different set-ups in which both X2 transponders as TranX transponder have been mounted on the front of a kart and tested on any variations with the times recorded. “We are happy that the MSA has confirmed the accuracy in timing of our X2 transponder, also in combination with the TranX system”, says Bas van Rens (CEO MYLAPS).



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