MX Noise Management

Noise Management is a fully automated system for motocross circuits that continuously measures the noise emission. It stores all data and makes it directly accessible. The system works with MYLAPS MX Timing System and MYLAPS MX transponders. So each individual rider can be held responsible for the sound produced by their bike.
Currently only available in Europe and Australia

How does it work

The Noise Management system is easy to install and manage. Two microphones are set up along the track. These are wirelessly connected to a gateway sending data to an online database. This system is installed together with a MYLAPS timing system to measure and identify each rider, based on the transponder they already have.

System components

MX Noise Management video

Martijn Spliethof from BMAC Borculo about the MX Noise Management System

BMAC Borculo uses the system to preserve the future of our Motocross circuit. We have a new environmental license and meet with the Noise Management System arguably to all legal requirements from the local government. In return we got more opening hours and a larger number of riders in the track. Sound measuring, for which we previously could hardly find people, is now completely automatic and we notice that the total sound level clearly has gone down.


Our systems are used by timers, event organizers, racing clubs and circuits.


BMAC Borculo

VLM Cross

SAM Schweizerischer Auto- und Motorradfahrer-Verband

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