The easiest mat in the industry is no mat at all! After years of testing and refining, MYLAPS has launched SideAntennas! MYLAPS SideAntennas are perfectly suitable for timing all sorts of active sports like running, cycling and mountain biking.

MYLAPS SideAntennas

The innovative design and strength of BibTag hardware provides you the best read rates in the industry with a single ThinTag and standard SideAntenna setup. The SideAntenna frame stands low on the ground and the antennas allow you to place your BibTag decoder on the back of the frame making the setup compact and easy to handle.


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Features SideAntennas

The UHF SideAntenna with a unique compact design, high read rates and a fast setup.

Works with BibTagMade for the BibTag system. Compatible with all Tags:
BibTag, ThinTag and MultiSports Tag.
Highest Read RatesIndustry leading read rates due to the unique design and
perfect integration with the proven BibTag system.
Integrated StandNo tripods required! Very stable design with four contact
points and option to use BibTag Decoder as weight for
additional stability.
Dual Antenna DesignDual Antennas design set at different angles allows for
increased read rates.
Portable + StackableThe weight of 4 BibTag Side Antennas, needed for a
complete 8m timeline is only 20 kg / 44 pounds.



 “With the mountainbike races and road races we got great read rates with the SideAntennas and they are easy to use” 

Bo Belhage – Timer at Danish Cycle Union




Side Antennas

“These antennas work like a champ, even with 2 inches of mud on them!”

Jake Goldsborough – Director Fleet Street StLouis





“Nice job MYLAPS. I can fit an 8 meter split in my Mini Cooper convertible. Love it!”

John Magnuson – US Timer

Optimize your results – How to set up your SideAntennas


Based on the lessons learned since the introduction we recommend the following setup to optimize your results:


  • Keep a 3 meter distance between the first and the second couple of antennas
  • Make sure the SideAntenna is positioned at least 2 meters away from fences, cars etc.
  • When using the steering plates or bibs on a bike, make sure the tag is positioned free from the handlebar (on the bottom of the plate)

Side Antenna  Side Antena

More about the SideAntenna



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