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Frequently Asked Questions
MYLAPS EventApp connected by Sportunity


This page will answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the new MYLAPS EventApp developed and supported by Sportunity.


Are there any differences in functionality between the former MYLAPS EventApp and the new app?
The new app is an upgrade based on the experiences over the past years with the MYLAPS EventApp. The development started in September 2020 and after many tests at sports events we are sure this app meets our MYLAPS standards. The app is future proof and will be updated with new features on regular base.

I already used the MYLAPS EventApp in the past for my event. Can all users be transferred to the new app?
The current app keeps on existing and will be upgraded to a new version. All users that downloaded the app can keep on using the current app (after the regular upgrade process).

Can we still expect a high-quality product, like we’re used to with MYLAPS products?
At MYLAPS we only work together with best-in-class organizations. We believe this partnership will help us to offer an improved EventApp with new functionality. This is part of our one-stop-shop strategy, where we want to offer all kind of products and services for sports events. Think of bibs, safety pins, and a registration platform.

I have an event with EventApp that takes place in August/September 2021. What should I do?
You can use the new upgraded app with the same functionalities as the current MYLAPS EventApp. This app will be developed by Sportunity.

Can I still show sponsor banners in the new app?
Yes, there’s an option to add tiles with sponsor logos and links to their websites.

How about pricing of the new app?
The 2021 pricing remains the same as in 2020. Please contact your timer or MYLAPS account manager for a proposal based on your conditions.

Can I keep on using the MYLAPS Event CMS that I used for my previous EventApps?
There’s an improved CMS developed and supported by Sportunity: the TRACX dashboard. This CMS will have the same functionalities as the current MYLAPS Event CMS.

I already configured my app in the MYLAPS Event CMS for upcoming events. What should I do?
Your events have been migrated to the new TRACX dashboard, so you don’t have to redo this. You get access to the TRACX dashboard where you can configure your app and manage your content.

Can I use this new Sportunity app for all sports?
In the future this app can be used for all sports. At this moment all apps for triathlon will be developed on the MYLAPS platforms. All other sports (running, cycling) will be available in the new app developed by Sportunity.

What languages does the new app support?
The new platform is a multi-language platform and is now available in English and Dutch. Other languages will be added later.

Do you still offer Virtual apps?
Yes, we still offer apps for virtual races. These apps will be still developed by MYLAPS. In the future the virtual feature including in-app GPS tracking will be added to the new app.

Do you still offer Timer Apps and Series Apps?
Yes, there’s an option to offer a single app that contains multiple events. This new app only includes events that take place after 1 September 2021. The historical data will be added later. Both the Timer App and Series App can be ordered with or without LiveTracking

What happens with the Sporthive Live App?
The Sporthive Live app will be updated to the new TRACX app. TRACX is the new event platform developed by Sportunity. The TRACX app only includes events that take place after 1 September 2021. The historical data from Sporthive Live will be added later.

Do you still offer Event Results?
Yes, when you only use web results without app, there are no changes. If you also use the new EventApp powered by Sportunity, results will be published on the TRACX platform or of course on your own results platform.

Does the app support services like RunnerTag and BrandScan?
Yes. At this moment you can add links in the app to the environment for RunnerTag and BrandScan. In the future there will be an API for these integrations.

Does the app support integrations with registration platforms?
At this moment there are no changes: you can add a call-to-action button to the registration platform. In the future there will be an API for integrations with the MYLAPS and Sportunity partners.

Can I have an app without MYLAPS/TRACX branding?
Yes, this branding can be removed at an additional fee.

Can this new app be connected to non-MYLAPS timing platforms for Live Tracking?
No, that’s not possible.

I have a Support question. Who should I contact?
Sportunity is responsible for Support on their app. You will find a chat on TRACX.events or you can email to team@tracx.events for general questions. There will be an emergency number which you can use from 2 hours before till 1 hour after your event. This number will be delivered to you.



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